Here we explore why the Sydney call for girls business has been rising in recent years. You will learn about what makes escorting work and how this profession can be beneficial for those who enter it, as well as their families. From historical viewpoints, you will gain a better perspective on the current role of sex workers and how this occupation has affected society in both positive and negative ways historically.

However, the fewer barriers that exist between sex work and legitimate careers can help preserve these women's humanity. Since they are no longer forced to act as sexual objects for quota purposes or lose their livelihood if they refuse to sell their bodies and make them easier to protect from violence.

Here are described the reasons that explain the boom in the escort business:

  1. The economic recession and the increase in unemployment have forced people to turn to sex work.
  2. The internet has made it easier for sexual services to be offered via ads on websites like Craigslist, Backpage, and others.
  3. Legalization would mean government oversight and taxation of business activities, which means potentially less exploitation of sex workers (particularly those who are illegal immigrants).
  4. There is more tolerance for the sex industry than there was previously because authorities have decided to treat prostitution as a manageable offense in some places.
  5. There has been a growing demand for these services among those who find them useful, such as the disabled and senior citizens.
  6. Legalizing prostitution would likely lead to the development of regulated brothels and escort agencies, which could afford more women a living wage from sex work.

Here are the disadvantages that are associated with this profession:

  1. In some places where sex work is illegal, such as Thailand, violence against sex workers is common. They may be subjected to human trafficking or even murdered if they step out of legal bounds (forced into prostitution).
  2. Older women especially have a harder time finding a job, and they might be more vulnerable to sexual exploitation because they are less able to protect themselves.
  3. The legalization of prostitution would inevitably lead to its proliferation in the country.
  4. Doing this business would be morally wrong because it is demeaning and reduces the dignity of sex workers, particularly those who are underage or foreign (because they were brought into the U.S.).
  5. Most local governments do not see sex work as a viable option for decent jobs, so they will not provide much support for legitimate businesses that provide these services safely.

The Final Lines

Increasing the legal options for sex work would likely reduce the amount of criminal activity currently associated with it and reduce the stigma associated with it. These types of new laws are being implemented in other countries worldwide and can provide protection and security for sex workers. If this happens, women and men will be afforded new protections against violence while in these jobs, and they can help improve their living situations.